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DO SEO offers a trusted SEO solution for business owners, fully supported by our local team, our experts have developed an easy SEO guide for everyone. With translated terminology, digested reports, and local support phone calls included. Everything a small business owner needs to independently succeed with their SEO.

How DO SEO supports your business coaching

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Step 1

Share DO SEO with your clientele

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Step 2

Your coached clients signs-up with DO SEO

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Step 3

Your client starts working with DO SEO

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Step 4

You become a DO SEO Partner

Small Business Owners Benefits DO SEO

What DO SEO can do for Small Business Owners

DO SEO offers Small Business Owners the opportunity to drive their own website optimisation themselves, with the reassurance of industry experts who are in tune with the laters updates & trends. DO SEO has been crafted for small businesses, focusing on effective optimisation work, allowing any business owner to jump in and quickly update their website following clear & simple instructions.

With a selection of what matters most in terms of SEO results, DO SEO has combined digital expertise with business results to bring your company the chance to work on your digital marketing yourself.

SEO optimisation tasks that will allow your website to review how “heatlhy” your current site is. Showcasing aspects that might include technical issues, content ratio and potentially new external/internal links.
Reports! Our reports will allow small business owners to have a clear view of aspects that are improving and what they could do to assist.
Growth: knowing how to “hock” more people on your website will potentially generate a traffic increment, which more often than not translates to more sales.

All of the above DO SEO benefits are based on industry experience from our founders and market research, in addition to the platform services we also have a local team available for any potential support needed, only a phone call away.



DO SEO provides a full customised SEO audit and Health Score.

Following DO SEO sign-up, our clients will receive an initial audit. Our SEO audit covers a range of essential health checks, showcasing aspects that are important for a website to rank organically.

All the work done via our DO SEO platform is based on what is needed for each individual website, from our custom audit DO SEO identifying what is needed, then send instructions on what is required for each aspect update/amend, these guided steps are designed to help with the tasks that can be implemented immediately and get most websites ranking straight away.

Our Instructions will cover non-coded updates that are managed via the website back-end, on a WordPress website for example all updates are 100% done using the back-end. We also include recommendations on working with most google products, in which a visual step-by-step guided material is supplied.

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